Midlands Marine are proud to be able to offer ScaffFloat pontoons and workboats.


ScaffFloat is a unique ‘system’ that allows floating pontoons, floating structures, and temporary workboats to be made from standard scaffolding parts. Floatation is provided by their tough patented plastic floats.


They are safe, strong, stable platforms that can be utilised in a variety of different maritime situations.


ScaffFloat provides access to:

  • Bridges
  • Piers and jetties
  • Harbour walls
  • Canal and locks
  • Reservoirs and Lakes
  • Diving and Underwater Explosive Ordination
  • Vegetation clearance
  • Bespoke events
  • Assisting with disaster aid


The advantages of ScaffFloat are:


  • Stability calcs included as standard
  • BS and Eurocode compliant structural calcs
  • Edge protection meets TG20:13
  • Compliant with MCA & IMO regulations
  • Extras include: Spuds, engines, winches & cranes
  • SMAS Worksafe
  • Constructionline Gold Member