The Procurement Department at Birmingham & Midland Marine Services Ltd maintain a network of specialist Marine Engineers, Surveyors and Specialist Teams whom we support by providing Marine Access, Safety & Rescue Services. Bespoke ‘packages’ for industry are available and can be individually tailored to your project requirements.

Partners include MBS Ltd, The CRM Team, and for Heavy Marine Plant please visit: Commercial Vessel & Pontoons – Commercial Contracting – Birmingham & Midland Marine Services

Speak to our Procurement Team about:


  • Project Management
  • Planning and Consultancy
  • Structural surveys/inspections
  • Bathymetric depth and composition surveys undertaken
  • Silt Sediment and WAC Analysis profiling
  • Culverts, Bridges, Structures covered
  • Canal & River Trust RAMS & Safe Work Procedures
  • Pontoon Hire
  • Confined Space Management & Entries
  • IRATA De-vegetation (Bridges, Tunnel Portal & retaining walls)
  • Structures Examinations (Confined Space, IRATA, MEWP and regular Access)
  • Standard De-veg of structures and banking
  • CCTV Surveys & report writing
  • Culvert Cleaning (Remote & Regular Access)
  • De-watering & Over Pumping
  • Trash Screen Clearance
  • Debris removal – Including CSE Debris removal
  • Investigations for lost or unlocated culverts, outfalls, feeders and overflows. Can also include Dye testing, tracing and locating using sonde
  • Minor brickwork repairs, resetting loose copers, installing Avongards & date tabbing to monitor fractures and defects
  • Installation structure ID plates and all other signage


Please contact the office in the first instance: 01902 544329