Companies and Organisations managing over-water, waterside or vessel based works can only be expected to provide safety cover to a certain level – Should an environment look ‘particularly’ challenging then consideration should be given to employing a dedicated water safety & rescue team on standby.

Birmingham & Midland Marine Services Ltd supply both boat-based and bank-based Teams, trained up to Emergency Services levels and work in the Midlands area predominantly and on a National basis by appointment.

Support / Safety Craft (SSC) & Rescue Boats (restricted to non-tidal / coastal locations) (RBR) are available for industrial and commercial support roles with two-person teams include Coxswain and Able Bowman. A three-person team would include the former plus either an additional DEFRA Module 3 (Concept of Flood Operations guidelines) Rescue swimmer or medical first responder with full pre-hospital care kit including automatic external defibrillator and oxygen.Rescue Boats can also be requested crewed by DEFRA Module 3) and 4) Water Rescue Technicians and Boat Operators.

A ‘Utility / Service Craft (USC) operated by a single coxswain are also available for crew transfers and general ‘run-about’ duties.

Bankside cover for non-navigable waterways includes a 3–6-man team equipped with Rescue Sled and pre-hospital care / trauma kit including oxygen and External Automated Defibrillator.

BMMS Ltd.’s personnel are medically qualified to IPOS First Responder level, and the Team are made up of Water Rescue First Responders and Water Rescue Technicians. (DEFRA Modules 2 & 3 – Flood Rescue Concept of Operations documentation.)

For further information on our, Water Rescue Support Contracting please email the office: