DEFRA Module 3)  ‘Water Rescue One Technician’


The Water Rescue Technician course enables students to work safely in flood response and other water rescue situations. Training takes place in North Wales, at the main Outreach Rescue Training Centre, near Bangor.

By encountering a wide range of training venues over the five days, students develop an understanding of the diverse risks and problems encountered in these difficult environments.

They are given a thorough grounding in all the skills required to work in moving water in a systematic way keeping risks to a minimum.

The full range of available rescue options, from basic first response to the use of rescue craft and swim rescues are examined and tested in different hydrology enabling students to make informed judgements at water related incidents.

The core skills are tested through a series of practical tests and a written paper.

This course is designed for those who require a high level of water safety and rescue training. Courses are available that meet all existing national standards.



 To train responders to identify their limitations and safely and effectively use appropriate water rescue equipment whilst operating near, on or in moving water.


Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate water rescue scene management and dynamic assessment of risk.
  • Identify and apply the role of the Mod 3 within incident management.
  • Identify and apply a working knowledge of water related hazards and their rescue implications.
  • Understand search procedures.
  • Identify and use PPE.
  • Demonstrate swimming and manoeuvring in moving (class2) water.
  • Demonstrate quick release drills.
  • Understand and apply relevant rescue techniques.
  • Have a working knowledge of basic boat handling by paddle and rope systems.
  • Demonstrate rigging and operating rope systems.
  • Have a working knowledge of specialist rescue equipment (where in use by organisation)
  • Demonstrate techniques for movement in shallow water.
  • Demo casualty management issues specific to the water environment.