‘Shore-Based’ / ‘Classroom Orientated’ courses

Our aim is to satisfy both our candidates and their employers, that those personnel working waterside are aware of the inherent risks in what can be considered a ‘hostile environment’.

A ‘classroom’ / ‘shore-based’, half-day version of this course can be made available if the qualification is a ‘tick-box’ exercise, where, for example, personnel are highly unlikely to enter the water and the inherent risk of immersion is negligible.

We cover the essentials such as lifejackets, the ‘Rescue Formula’ and land-based practical exercises, content dependent upon which scheme is taught.


Options are both half-day programmes:

  • Royal Life Saving Society ‘National Water Safety Management Programme’ Level 1) ‘Water Awareness’ module.


Birmingham & Midland Marine Services feel that students can only be considered competent in these skills if they have experienced the reality of the situation for which they are being trained.

We always advise ‘practical’ training; however, we realise that in some instances a theoretical knowledge ‘could’ be sufficient – Never entering the water, no lifejackets issued i.e., waterside security guards / staff behind guardrails and so forth.


Please contact the office to discuss your situation prior to making a booking.